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Taxation decision and itemised part of most recent confirmed taxation (of each person over 18 years of age)

Details of current monthly income:

  • Working: salary certificate / payslip
  • Moving to Kauhajoki from another locality: certificate from the employer: the starting date of employment and amount of salary
  • Pensioner: certificate of the gross amount of the pension
  • Unemployed: certificate of payment of daily allowances
  • Self-employed person: the latest profit and loss account and balance sheet or income statement form
  • On maternity leave, parental leave, study leave or leave of absence: certificate of salary before the leave started

Proof of income deductions:

  • State-guaranteed student loans
  • The child maintenance payments

If you or cohabitant own an apartment, a detached house or some other real property, please provide the following:

  • Statement of the property/properties current value
  • A copy of the conveyance, if the property has been abandoned
  • Certificate of possible debts related to the property

Depending on the applicant’s situation in life, please provide the following:

  • Student: for over 18-year-olds, a student certificate, which shows estimated time of completion
  • If doing national army service: military service statement
  • Certificate of pregnancy
  • Redundancy/ eviction decision/ fixed-term lease
  • The health inspectors statement/ demolition decision of applicant’s present housing
  • Medical certificate, if the health conditions have an impact on housing needs