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Are you looking for a student apartment or simply a rental flat in Kauhajoki?

Check out our available rental apartments and apply for an apartment by filling out the application form below. You can also check additional details about each flat by clicking on the address of the apartment in the available apartments view.

For an overview of all the different rental properties we have in our portfolio and basic information about local suburbs, you can read descriptions of our rental properties here.

Note: Much of the content behind the links above is in Finnish. For automatic translation, enter the link of the page to Google Translate and select your preferred language to translate from Finnish.

Application for rental apartment

Rental housing applicationpdf

Helpful information for applicants

Terminology used in the apartment descriptions

Lähiosoite – Street address
Huoneet – Rooms
Pinta-ala – Total area of the apartment
Vuokra – Rent, euros per month
(number) h – number of rooms in the apartment
k – kitchen
kk – kitchenette
tk – open kitchen
s – sauna
soluasunto – shared flat, bedsit

Additional real estate terminology with Finnish-to-English translations can be found from Expat Finland.

Required attachments for rental application

1) Proof of financial assets

What is required?
Most recent tax assessment notice from the Finnish tax authority, including the itemised section (for each resident over 18 years of age)

2) Proof of current monthly income:

  • Working applicant: salary certificate / payslip
  • Applicant moving to Kauhajoki from another municipality: certificate from the employer including the starting date of employment and amount of salary
  • Applicant is a pensioner: proof of the gross amount of the pension payable to the applicant
  • Unemployed: proof of daily unemployment benefit payable to the applicant
  • Self-employed person: the latest profit and loss account and balance sheet or income statement form for the applicant’s business
  • Applicant on maternity leave, parental leave, study leave or leave of absence: certificate of salary before the commencement date of the leave

3a) If applicable: Proof of income deductions

  • State-guaranteed student loans
  • The child maintenance payments

3b) If applicable: details of property ownership

If you or cohabitant own an apartment, a detached house or some other real property, please provide the following:

  • Statement of the property/properties current value
  • A copy of the conveyance, if the property has been abandoned
  • Certificate of possible debts related to the property

3c) If applicable: Supplementary information for the assessment of individual circumstances

Depending on the applicant’s situation in life, please provide the following:

  • Student: for over 18-year-olds, a student certificate showing the estimated time of completion
  • Conscripts on compulsory military service: military service statement
  • Expectant applicants: Certificate of pregnancy
  • Redundancy/ eviction decision/ fixed-term lease
  • The health inspectors statement/ demolition decision of applicant’s present housing
  • Medical certificate, if the health conditions have an impact on housing needs

How the application process works

1) Assess your housing needs and familiarise youself with our available apartments or send us an enquiry

2) Fill out the application form electronically and save it (with Adobe Acrobat Fill & Sign) or print the application form and fill on paper.

3) Collect the required attachments; these may vary by individual depending on their circumstances – electronic or paper copies are alright, as long as they are legible

4) Send the application to our office either by post or via email, you can find the contact details from the bottom of this page

5) If there are properties which you would like to view, you can mention that in your application

6) We will assess the application and contact you about the outcome in due course.

Additional information about applications

  • The application is valid for one month. If the process of finding a suitable apartment takes longer than that, you can renew your application by phone or email.
  • If anything changes in your circumstances during the application process, kindly inform us without delay so that the application can be amended.
  • Should you wish to cancel your application for any reason, please let us know at your earliest convenience

Tip: If you are new in town, you can find more information about Kauhajoki from the city’s own website.
There are various authorities and organisations that will work with you to get you settled in.

Some helpful resources include:

The local library is a cultural hub that is open to all and has magazines, books, music, movies and other resources in various languages, as well as spaces for independent study. The library has a free wi-fi and one can reserve a computer for browsing the internet, should one not have a computer at home. Printing service is available for a nominal fee. You can find more information about all that the library has to offer at the library helpdesk.

Send an enquiry to the local immigration coordinator if you want to know more about local services, job opportunities or are simply interested in finding a new hobby. You’ll find their contact details from the link above. Happy exploring and welcome to Kauhajoki!

Where to send the application

You can send the application form and the attachments by post or via email. We process applications every week as required.

Postal address

Kauhajoen Vuokra-asunnot
c/o Suupohjan Tili-isäntä
PL 69

Email address

How to contact us & enquiries

If you have any questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our office is open from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Visiting address for the office

Kauhajoen Vuokra-asunnot
c/o Suupohjan Tili-Isäntä
Topeeka 40, 2nd floor

Landline: +358 6 231 3445
Mobile: +358 400 885 670

Normal calling rates apply, for more information kindly contact your network operator.

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